DeviceTrak provides the Who, What, When and Where in Scope Reprocessing


DeviceTrak endoscope cleaning workflow
DeviceTrak software specializes in endoscope management and accountability.

Our software provides hospital administrators, physicians and surgical teams with a way to effectively manage endoscopy inventories and reprocessing in a managed closed-loop environment which provides device infection control, cleaning process accountability, paperless scope tracking and fully documented chain of evidence reports for full peace of mind. Protect yourself, your team, and your patients, with DeviceTrak.

DeviceTrak helps manage compliance to all manufacturer guidelines and state protocols. It has many features including secure logins, location tracking systems, step-by-step disinfectant procedures and detailed administrative reports for management and financial teams. These features are designed to keep staff on the right track, enforce best practices, and eliminate infection.

DeviceTrak promotes adherence to all SGNA®, ASGE®, APIC®, FDA. VA, CDC, JHACO and AAMI® reprocessing documentation guidelines.

Help us show you how you can obtain more peace of mind in reprocessing and infection control. For more information, please call.

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Deadly infections from medical scopes go unreported, raising health risks

(Video source: USA Today)