• Universal/Standalone: Works with any AER equipment, scope model and hospital admin software
  • Meets HL7 requirements for integration with other software platforms
  • Color Coding: By status, device type and model, loaner or demo
  • Paperless: Automated tracking from end-to-end for full accountability
  • Manual Cleaning Tracking: DeviceTrak is the only system which tracks the manual cleaning segment of the device handling chain
  • Email alerts: Secure communications between nurses, doctors, scope vendors and other suppliers
  • Management reports: Review device life cycles, plan maintenance windows, track service orders and repairs
  • Compliance: Promotes adherence to SGNA®, ASGE®, APIC®, FDA, VA, CDC, JHACO and AAMI® guidelines for reprocessing documentation

“No facility wants their name associated with a breach in infection control.”

Endoscope Inventory Management
Infection Control Traceability: Now more than ever is the time to ensure that your procedure unit is satisfying the need for patient safety and adherence to guidelines. Enable tracing of equipment from all aspects of instrument handling linking the patient, physician, attending staff, reprocessing personnel and cleaning equipment (including all endoscopes on loan to your facility regardless of make and model). DeviceTrak requires users to input their unique login and security ID at various stages in the program and provides audit trails and reports of all endoscopes and all AER (Automated Endoscope Reprocessor) activity.

Chain of Evidence: Be sure your team collaborates as a unit committed to proper care with full supporting documentation. DeviceTrak’s paperless process scans and tracks activity to ensure end-to-end, closed-loop reprocessing and accountability.

Proper reprocessing: Devicetrak assists endoscopy staff to improve quality in care and ensure compliance with endoscopy equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.

Be Accountable AND Control your ROI: DeviceTrak tracks usage and repairs, enabling hospitals to:

  • Monitor billing codes (warranty periods, service warranty, contracts)
  • Monitor usage, identify repair trends, defects, fault repairs, etc.

Tracking repair costs more closely commonly delivers a 5% savings per year in operational spending. Managing inventory wisely means reducing your repairs. Ensuring your inventory is well cared for means protecting your investment, your team and the patient community.

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